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AAA Mid Atlantic now offers roadside assistance for cyclists

Anne Hoffman/Delaware Public Media

AAA Mid Atlantic is beginning to offer roadside assistance to cyclists for the first time ever. Members don’t have to do anything as the bicycle coverage is now included in every level of membership.

Berni Koch, the President and CEO of AAA Mid Atlantic, offered details at Friday’s launch at the company headquarters.

"So when bicyclists happen to be in locations, and we’re not going to get them from the hinterlands, and also you have to get to the side of the road, for the service to occur, we will be there with the tremendous service that we’ve always known, as far as AAA is concerned," said Berni Koch.

Gov. Jack Markell says it’s another piece of Delaware’s transformation to a more bikeable state. Just a few days ago, the state was ranked third most bike friendly in the nation.

"That by the way is having started six years ago at number 31. And uh it’s because we have such a phenomenal bicycling advocacy community," said Governor Markell.

Credit Anne Hoffman/Delaware Public Media
Some AAA Mid Atlantic vehicles will now have bike racks.

In fact, the Delaware Bicycle Council and the White Clay Bicycle Club collaborated with AAA Mid Atlantic to create roadside assistance for bikes.  Those groups also rolled out a “3-foot safe passing law” education campaign Friday.

Markell says the next major step for the state is completion of a car-free bike trail that will take cyclists from the Wilmington Riverfront to New Castle.  The final mile of that trail that requires a bridge over the Christina River - a project Markell expects won’t to be finished during his remaining time in office.

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