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Southern Delaware Tourism offers training for workers and locals

Southern Delaware Tourism and The Tourism Academy team up to bring Tourism Ambassador training to Sussex County front line workers and community members.

Southern Delaware Tourism is looking for businesses to provide discounted or free experiences to Tourism Ambassadors so they can share first-hand knowledge of local attractions, sites, and activities with visitors.

Southern Delaware Tourism executive director Scott Thomas says it’s about understanding what makes the region a destination and creating lasting relationships.

“People are everything, it’s the interaction - we all travel, and, some people we don’t forget, and we want to go back there. This hopefully leads to those type of encounters.”

Thomas says the goal is to promote more than the beaches.

“We say ‘The beaches are just the beginning.’ If you talk it up, maybe you’re talking about a farm, somewhere in the middle of the county, or out in western Sussex County. It takes a lot for word-of-mouth to circulate and this is, I think, something that can help.”

Thomas adds this free online training program can help even experienced managers and staff boost their knowledge of Sussex County, as well as their confidence in working with visitors and customers.

There’s also information on Southern Delaware Tourism’s SouthDel Sidekick App that can be used to find tourism info and generate suggestions to share.

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