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Big Draw Festival scaling back events due to COVID

This year’s Big Draw Festival in Milford is vastly scaling back its month-long plans due to the resurgence of COVID cases in the First State.";

The resurgence of COVID cases forces another Delaware event to come up with a Plan B.

The Mispillion Art League is scaling back plans for next month’s  2021 Big Draw Festival in Milford.


“We did not come to this easy. We were watching COVID the entire planning time," said Festival chair Rosemary Connelly. "Part of this international celebration originates in the UK and so we get the theme from them around Feb/March (2021). And then we begin working on our ideas for how we’re going to carry out this theme and what our festival will be.”


Connelly says live art events scheduled for each Saturday in October will not happen - out of concern for the safety of children who cannot be vaccinated and volunteers who may not yet be eligible for booster shots.


But Connelly says they are going forward with a socially distanced costume parade on Saturday, October 30, 2021.


“The theme for the costume parade is - essentially the theme for the festival in general this year is 'Make the Change'," said Connelly. "Last year it was all about recycling, reusing and protecting the planet. And so this is sort of taking that theme to the next level - “Make the Change, Be the Change.”


Connelly says the underlying theme for the parade is “Under the Sea.”


They are asking everyone who attends to create costumes using recycled materials found in their homes. 


The parade will start at 9 a.m. on Saturday, October 30, 2021 in Milford’s Bicentennial Park.


Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.