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Southern Delaware Tourism launches SouthDel Sidekick app

A new app from Southern Delaware Tourism called SouthDel Sidekick can help users explore Sussex County - with realtime information.

Southern Delaware Tourism launched a new app that helps locals and visitors find nearby attractions and businesses more easily.

The app is called SouthDel Sidekick.

“You can grab it at You don’t have to register - you just kind of grab it and put it on your homescreen of your phone. And really it’s kind of a navigation concierge tool to help you get around Sussex County,” said Scott Thomas - the executive director of Southern Delaware Tourism.


He says the agency felt the app was needed.


“It was a priority for the organization to kind of make it kind of work hand-in-hand with our website," said Thomas. "You know our website is just loaded with information. So we felt that an app would be a good compliment to really kind of put a GPS component on it to kind of help us be with you kind of as your sidekick.”                                               

Thomas notes that in addition to showing all events happening throughout the county on any given day, the app can also points users in the right direction towards everything from restaurants to rainy day options.


Thomas says the app isn’t just for visitors to Sussex County.


“We really want it to be a concierge tool for all of our hoteliers to kind of reference our guests who knew about this tool," said Thomas. "But I think locals will find it interesting too because we all host out-of-area guests and family so we hope they’ll put it to use too, to show all the options there are on any given day around Sussex County.”

Thomas explains the app allows businesses like restaurants, outfitters, tour operators and other tourism partners to promote their offerings with Super Deals, which they upload into the app. Registration is optional when the app is downloaded.  

The D3 Corporation in Ocean City, Maryland designed the app.


Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.