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New book offers guide to 'Big Trees of Delaware'

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Delaware’s Forest Service (DFS) has published the newest edition of its popular “Big Trees of Delaware.”



“The “Big Trees of Delaware” - it’s a program that we keep up continuously, but we publish a booklet about every five years listing the top three (size-wise) of each species, with nice color-photos of the actual Champion,” said Bill Seybold, a forest health specialist with the Delaware Forest Service.

He says Delaware’s “Big Tree” program is affiliated with the National Register of Big Trees, a list of the largest living specimens of each tree variety found in the continental United States.

Seybold says he hopes the public will enjoy the “Big Trees of Delaware” booklet.

“We see it as a fun way to introduce the public to trees and the value of trees and obviously to show them where some of the most exemplary trees are within our state,” he said.

Seybold says currently, only one First State tree is listed on the National Register, the OsageOrange located on the grounds of the Hagley Museum in Wilmington.
He says Delaware’s largest tree is located in New Castle County and it has the largest circumference. The massive Zelkova, located at 501 Hillside Road in Greenville is over 27 feet around.
You can read more about the trees here and an online PDF version of the booklet can be downloaded here.



Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.