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Enlighten Me: “Historic Movie Theaters of Delaware”

Delaware Public Media

The 2019 Academy Awards will be handed out later this month.  The Oscars are an annual reminder of just how big a part movies play in our nation’s cultural life.

But the way we experience movies today is far different that it used to be – a fact driven home by a new book entitled “ Historic Movie Theaters of Delaware.”

It’s author, Micheal Nazarewycz, digs deep into the history of the places we’ve watched films in the First State and chronicles the changes they gone through over the years.

And in this week’s Enlighten Me, he joins Delaware Public Media's Tom Byrne to discuss it.

Nazarewycz spent 20 months researching and writing the book.  In addtion to a detailed history of theaters, it features a number of anecdotes about occasions when Hollywood came to the First State, including Clint Eastwood's attempt to screen his movie "The Gauntlet" in North Wilmington before its release to gauge audience reaction.

The book is slated for release February 18th.  You can preorder now at and when its released it will be available at Barnes and Noble and other smaller book stores locally.