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New monument honors Delaware's WWI veterans

Photo from Delaware National Guard
A new monument in Dover honors Delaware’s World War I veterans.";

The Delaware General Assembly, the Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs and the Delaware Heritage Commission unveil a new monument honoring Delawareans who served in World War I.

The monument is installed on the grounds of Legislative Hall and was dedicated during a special ceremony over the weekend.


“The men of Delaware who went to France in 1918 were devoted to the cause of freedom and their duty to make the world safe for democracy. It’s our duty to remember their deeds and the ideals they fought for,” said Gov. John Carney in a statement. “This monument also stands in honor of the Delawareans who supported the Great War from the home front. This includes some of Delaware’s most famous illustrators, whose artwork captured the spirit of America’s role in the war, and the nation’s duty to come to our allies’ aid.”


The granite memorial features reproductions of two famous works of wartime art by Delaware illustrators.


One side depicts a 1919 piece by Frank Schoonover, dedicated to the Delaware “Doughboys” who fought with the Allies in France.


The other side depicts a 1918 war bond poster by Ethel Pennewill Brown Leach, in honor of the sacrifices of those who supported the war on the home front.


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the American entry into World War I.


During the United States’ involvement in the war, some 9,000 Delawareans served overseas in the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps. 43 Delawareans were killed in action and 188 were wounded.