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New historical exhibit examines life in 1600s New Castle

New Castle Court House Museum

The New Castle Court House Museum is kicking off a brand new exhibit Saturday. It’s called “New Castle: Three Forts, One Community.”

The program focuses on early Europeans who settled in the Delaware Valley and specifically what’s now New Castle.

“The Dutch, the Swedes, and the English came to America and settled here in this region in 1651," said Snyder.

That’s Cindy Snyder, site manager for the New Castle Court House Museum. She says the Dutch came first and established Fort Casimir, and were in control of 1654.

“When the Swedes – who were settled up further in what is Wilmington today – came down and took over that fort and established their settlement here," said Synder.

Then came English settlers. Visitors to the New Castle Court House Museum and historic fort will get a glimpse of what life was like during this time period.

“These three groups [Dutch, Swedish, English] they left their governments, their law, their culture and also their religions here," said Snyder. "They are what established the town of New Castle.”

The festivities begin Saturday morning at 10  and run until 4:30. Swedish food and refreshments will be available as well as Dutch and Swedish reenactments, tours of Fort Casimir and more.


All events are free – except for tours of the Kalmar Nyckel. They cost $5.


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