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History series features "Founding Fathers & Mothers"

Dover State House
Alexander Hamilton and his wife, Eliza.

The Old State House in Dover has been hosting a series called Founding Fathers & Mothers this month as part of its History Coffee Series.

Delaware State House Historic Interpreter Tom Welch came up with this month’s theme - Founding Fathers and Mothers - after reading several presidential biographies.

“First week we had George Washington and Martha," Welch said.

The talks also featured Thomas Jefferson and his wife Martha, John Adams and his wife Abigail as well as Ben Franklin and his wife Deborah.


Welch says Abigail Adams – the wife of John Adams – was an ardent advocate for women’s rights.


“It was more than just – honey what you’re doing is great and I’m here behind you whatever you need," Welch said. "But she also asked the question: and what are we doing about the women?”

This Thursday the focus falls on Alexander Hamilton and his wife Eliza.
Welch says she remained loyal to her husband despite learning of his affair with another woman, and even after Hamilton’s death.

“Still the pain of that discovery was with her, but she spent the next 50 years doing everything she could to clean up his reputation and show continued support for her arrant husband," Welch said.

The History Coffee Hour is Thursday at 5:30 at the Old State House in Dover -- and Welch says one Founding couple may make an appearance.



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