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Bombay Hook quarter set for release

The U.S. Mint’s National Parks quarters program will release Delaware's quarter Friday -  featuring Bombay National Wildlife Refuge on the back. It is the 29th quarter in the series of 56 that started in 2010.

Former Delaware Governor and Congressman Mike Castle was the main sponsor of the legislation creating not only these quarters but the original state quarter series as well.

Castle says these quarters are able to generate revenue for the federal government because it only costs four cents to make them.  He notes that the 50 state quarter series created around $5 billion in revenue during its run.

"It’s the only program I know of that’s actually produced usable money, other than taxpayers’ money for the purpose of helping run the government," he said. "It costs four cents to make a quarter, and they sell them through the federal reserve for 25 cents. So you have a 21 cent float. And so they can use that money, instead of using taxpayers’ money."

The Bombay Hook quarter is one of five to be released this year.  It’s imprint design features a great blue heron and an egret - which are seen at the refuge.

The U.S. Mint’s National Parks program will release new quarters through 2021.