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Public Archives' Constitution Day celebration features John Dickinson talk

Constitution Day is September 17 but the Delaware Public Archives is celebrating early with a program about the United States Constitution Saturday.

Retired Army Colonel and amateur historian Henry Foresman will explore how both John Dickinson and James Madison helped shape the Constitution and our early republic. 

Dickinson, one of the nation's founding fathers and signer of the Constitution, is widely considered to have been at the forefront of Revolutionary era thinkers.


After Dickinson’s death, then President Thomas Jefferson wrote, “a truer patriot, could not have left us.”

Foresman shares that sentiment.


“And right up to till his death he continued to serve the people of the United States, looking to ensure that we had a Republic of the People. What Madison, what Dickinson, what Hamilton and others realized was that the Articles of Confederation were not working and could not work,” said Forseman.


The free Constitution Day program takes place Saturday morning at 10:30 at the Delaware Public Archives in Dover.

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