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History Matters: Christmas Seals - The Legacy of Emily Bissell


Delaware Public Media is proud to debut a new monthly feature, History Matters, produced in partnership with the Delaware Historical Society.

Each month, History Matters will dig into the Delaware Historical Society's archives and collections to highlight people, places and events of historical significance to the First State and explore their connections to present-day news.

A new History Matters will appear the third Thursday of every month at

This month in our first edition of History Matters we focus on a long-standing Christmas tradition: Christmas Seals. The origin of Christmas Seals in the United States traces back to the First State in 1907. That year, Wilmington native Emily Bissell took an idea that had found success in Denmark and brought it to America where it is still raising money for the American Lung Association today.

(To see Christmas Seal designs throughout the years - click here)

History Matters: Christmas Seals - The Legacy of Emily Bissell

Delaware Public Media and the Delaware Historical Society examine Christmas Seals' connection to Delaware.