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Delmarva Power modernizing energy grid ahead of winter


Delmarva Power is looking to prep its local energy grid ahead of potential severe winter weather.

Every year, Delmarva Power identifies a set of electric distribution circuits called priority feeders to upgrade in an effort to limit outages.


Delmarva Power spokeswoman Amber Burruezo says over the past three years Delmarva Power upgraded 30 distribution circuits with elevated levels of interruption or not performing at expected levels.


“We recognize that severe weather and more powerful storms have been impacting our customers’ reliability. And we’re looking for ongoing opportunities to be able to modernize our grid to be able to improve that reliability for our customers,” said Burruezo.  


She adds the utility is also taking other steps to build resiliency.


“We’re implementing and installing some new advanced electric equipment, which includes things like switches, reclosers and animal guards, said Burruezo. " In addition, we’re installing some innovative technology that helps to improve reliability. For example during a storm, if the power goes out, the technology allows us to isolate the damage that’s occurred.”


Burruezo says this allows crews to restore power to as many customers as possible and keep a minimum of customers “out” while repair work is done.

Year-round work designed to improve reliability also include, trimming trees, installing steel utility poles, building new substations, adding new underground equipment and installing stronger, tree-resistant aerial cable.

The utility says over the past 10 years this work has reduced the frequency of outages by 53%.