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Allen Harim sues Artesian over $1.42 million wastewater dispute


A financial dispute between the chicken processor Allen Harim and the wastewater management company Artesian boils over into litigation. 

The News Journal reports, Allen Harim filed suit against Artesian accusing the wastewater company of holding the chicken processor hostage by threatening to end the services it provides. 

The lawsuit claims Artesian wants $1.42 million plus interest from Allen Harim and issued an ultimatum if it doesn’t pay up by June 26: either shut down operations in Harbeson and Millsboro, or dispose of its wastewater in Beaverdam Creek. 

An agreement between Allen Harim and DNREC restricts dumping water in the creek and could result in fines to Allen Harim of up to $10,000 per day. 

Allen Harim signed a contract with Artesian in 2017 following multiple fines from the state for dumping wastewater into streams. 

Allen Harim claims in the suit it does not owe the money to Artesian, and asks the court to compel the wastewater company to continue providing its services.


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