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Stores revise open carry policies after recent mass shootings

Sarah Mueller
Delaware Public Media
Moms Demand Action Delaware and Second Amendment activists at a rally earlier this year.

Stores with locations in Delaware are re-examining their policies allowing gun owners to open carry in their stores.

Walmart decided last week it will stop selling handgun ammunition along with ammo that can be used in military-style weapons. It also asked customers to stop openly carrying guns inside their stores where state law allows it.

Several other stores - including Walgreens and CVS - made similar changes to their open carry policies following Walmart’s announcement.

Sarah Stowens with Moms Demand Action Delaware said she believes Walmart is acting responsibly.

“I think the wake of mass shootings so close together, people being scared and people finally saying in such great numbers ‘Enough,’” she said.

Mitch Denham is president of Delaware Gun Rights. He said companies have the right to make policies for their stores. But he thinks Walmart’s decision to stop selling some ammunition is a mistake.

“Walmart says ‘We’re not going to sell, we’re only going to sell certain types of ammo,’" he said. "OK, well, we’ll just go to our local gun stores and purchase ammo there.”

He adds some gun owners may boycott the stores, but he said companies have the right to set own policies.

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