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Delmarva Power stresses natural gas safety as cold weather arrives

Delaware Public Media

Colder temperatures have arrived across the region. And one local utility is trying to make sure its customers stay warm safely.


Delmarva Power is reminding customers using natural gas that leaks happen - and they need to pay attention as their heaters kick on.

“With cold temperatures on the rise, Delmarva Power expects its customers to use more natural gas to heat their homes and businesses. And so, we’re asking those customers of ours to be mindful and know some of these safety tips,” said Tim Stokes, senior communications specialist for Delmarva Power.

He says if you smell a faint odor of natural gas, first check to see if the pilot light on your stove or oven is out; also check to see if a burner is partially on.

Stokes says if you cannot find the source, you should evacuate your home or business immediately and call Delmarva Power.

He also points out you should never turn any electrical switches on or off if there is a smell of natural gas. And you definitely should not smoke, strike a match or use a lighter.


Stokes adds you should not use cell phones, radios, doorbells or flashlights if you smell natural gas. He says all of those things could create a spark - setting off a fire or explosion.

He also points out it’s a good idea to have your heating system or other natural gas appliances and piping checked and serviced by a qualified technician before even colder weather sets in.

Delmarva Power has a natural gas safety web page and a number for customers to call if you smell natural gas - (302) 454-0317, 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week.