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Gov. Carney continues state's efforts to improve broadband access

Delaware Public Media

Gov. John Carney signed legislation last week to accelerate broadband wireless internet access across the state.

Local governments say the investment will address emergency communications and help with tourism.

For Delawareans, fast internet access is more than just a luxury, it’s a necessity. The new law streamlines the permitting process for wireless providers and helps accelerate building infrastructure.

Fenwick Island town manager Terry Tiemen says the town’s network doesn’t provide complete coverage. That means emergency responders can have trouble connecting to people who need help.


“It also, it terms of like technology, it’s going to mean to expertise is available if someone is injured and they need to talk to a doctor or they need to look at, you know, an accident scene, that that kind of thing can be more readily available. It could save lives,” said Tiemen.

Tiemen adds Fenwick Island’s coverage gaps could mean losing tourists to New Jersey or Maryland, if their connections are better.

The effort to improve broadband access began under former Gov. Jack Markell who made expanding broadband internet in rural areas a priority

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