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Delaware asks PJM to support federal rehearing on Artifical Island cost share

Courtesy: PJM

Delaware’s battle over a costly Artificial Island energy transmission line continues.


The Delaware Public Service Commission and the Division of the Public Advocate sent letters to project manager PJM Wednesday, urging it to help change the cost structure of the $279 million transmission line.


In the letters, the agencies ask PJM to either support, or not oppose, Delaware’s request for a rehearing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


The transmission line flows from Artificial Island, New Jersey into Delaware, making the First State the main beneficiary under federal standards.


Delaware is hoping to argue in a rehearing that the federal standard shouldn’t apply in this case because the purpose of the line is to boost regional stability, not meet energy demands in the First State.


Right now, Delaware is expected to pay 70 percent of the costs while receiving about 10 percent of the benefits.


PJM is planning to move ahead with the plan in April. 

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