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Nemours Biomedical Research relocating to DuPont Experimental Station

DuPont’s plan to invest $200 million into its Experimental Station campus in Wilmington is quickly bearing fruit.


Nemours Children’s Health System announced Thursday it will be moving its biomedical research to DuPont’s Experimental Station.

The company will be leasing about 85,000 square feet of lab and office space for research into children’s health.


DuPont’s decision to pour $200 million into the Experimental Station helped lure Nemours there, according to Paul Kempinksi, president of Nemours A.I. duPont Hospital for Children. 


“We’re very excited about the investment DuPont is making to rejuvenate, reinvest and refurbish the campus and its buildings and equipment,” he said.


But improved facilities is only one draw. The health system also expects to collaborate with new companies also attracted to the campus by DuPont’s investment.


And Nemours isn’t the only one banking on new companies being wooed to the Experimental Station.


The City of Wilmington is anticipating a boost from new high-paying jobs created there, according to James DeChene of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce.  


“With good paying jobs coming into the area there’s going to be more of a call for downtown living, restaurants and entertainment,” he said. 


DuPont declined an interview and won’t say how many jobs it’s expecting to leverage from its investment in the Experimental Station.


Nemours Biomedical Research is expected to be up and running at its new location by early July or August, with 68 Nemours scientists relocating once it opens.