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OPEC agreement bumps Delaware gas prices

Delaware Public Media

Drivers in the First State could see higher gas prices headed into the holidays due to a cut in oil production.

Beginning Jan. 1, OPEC countries have agreed to cut oil production by one million barrels per year.

Jim Lardear with AAA Mid Atlantic says the news has already caused a slight bump in gas prices across the state.

"The Delaware gas average is about $2.16 (per gallon) today. And that went up 2 cents overnight," Lardear said. 

Headed into the holiday season Lardear said gas prices typically dip a bit due to less demand and a switch to winter blend fuel, but the OPEC news could offset that.

Lardear said prices could rise as much as 10 cents per gallon in the next week, but doesn't think prices will rise dramatically in the winter months.