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Farmers scrambling to harvest before next storm

Phillip Sylvester

Some First State Farmers are working sunup to sundown to harvest their corn crops before the next storm.

The heavy rain at the end of September came at the peak of harvest season, causing farmers to park their tractors for at least a week.

Soils have finally dried out enough for them to get back on the land and, now, many are scrambling to finish harvest before another storm hits the state.

Heavy rain in early May caused farmers to delay planting corn crops, according to University of Delaware Agriculture extension agent Phillip Sylvester. 


That pushed harvest later into the fall, which has increased the likelihood farmers will be battling more adverse weather.   

First State farmers have also had to deal with an especially hot summer and dry August this year.   

The lack of water, combined with the heat, leads many farmers to believe this year’s corn yields in Delaware will be lower than in previous years, but it’s still unclear by how much.