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Alpha Techologies USA opens in Wilmington

The tech sector in northern Delaware continues to grow with the addition of IT company Alpha Technologies USA.

The company cut the ribbon to its new headquarters in Wilmington Thursday. The 87,000 building was purchased in September.

Alpha Technologies, which specializes in IT solutions and consulting services, has 400 employees worldwide and plans to add over 240 to the state. CEO Harry Virk’s says his mission is to strengthen the information technology workforce across the country and help companies hire American talent without having to search overseas.

“Clients are facing a lot of challenges in going overseas and we are solving those challenges by creating jobs right here -- an IT workforce in the U.S. -- and we are starting from the state of Delaware," said Virk.

The nearly 20-year-old company was originally based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Virk originally looked to relocate to New Jersey, but a dispute over building  low-income housing ended that pursuit -- and he found Delaware to be more business-friendly. Virk says the incentive package put together by the Delaware Economic Development Office that included tax rebates and grants to ease capital expenditures helped seal the deal.



“I think it was due to a kind of attraction and cooperation from the state of Delaware that we decided to move in," said Virk.

Many of Alpha’s clients work in investment banking, so Virk liked the idea of having companies like JP Morgan Chase and Barclays as neighbors.

He plans to continue expanding Alpha Technologies by building multiple sites in the near future and is currently looking at sites in New Jersey.


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