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"The King of Transit" exhibits at John William Gallery in Wilmington

The work of Geraldo Gonzalez is featured in a new exhibition in Wilmington.

Sensing Justice with Geraldo Gonzalez is a solo exhibition curated by John William Gallery’s Emerging Curator, Jillian Pini.

Gonzalez - known for his takes on transit - uses the 20 colored pencil drawings in this exhibit to picture a utopian world, where good triumphs over evil and public transportation reigns supreme. The majority of Gonzalez’s work features public transportation systems in Delaware Valley awash in colorful patterns.

Gonzalez’ passion for his art parallels his passion for his subject. The artist owns a car, but prefers mass transit in his day-to-day travels.

"Taking a bus is very relaxing - especially with the trains, because I take the train a lot between Wilmington and Philadelphia, from AMTRAK - It’s more relaxing than driving through big cities.”

Sensing Justice with Geraldo Gonzalez is the gallery’s second Emerging Curatorial Platform exhibition - and curated by Jillian Pini.

And Pini believes Gonzalez’ work and the John William Gallery are a great match.

"It’s wonderful for those sort of intimate interactions. During the exhibition, we’ll have a gallery talk at 6pm that opening night, so we’re sort of able to use the small space to have an intimate conversation where the audience can ask questions, engage with the artist and engage with the artwork.”

Sensing Justice with Geraldo Gonzalez opens February 2 and runs through March 28 at John William Gallery in Wilmington.

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