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Carol Mossa and UrbEx photos come to Coastal Camera Club

Carol Mossa
Carol Mossa
Carol Mossa

Coastal Camera Club welcomes famed UrbEx photographer Carol Mossa.

Mossa visits the club in Lewes Wednesday to demonstrate UrbEx photography.

UrbEx photographers capture pictures of abandoned buildings and sites, such as schools, churches, and barns. Photography sessions are known as “workshops'' because photographers pay a fee and sign waivers to shoot the abandoned properties.

"I no longer trespass, I’m 68 years old, I’m not taking any chances falling through floors anymore. But I travel with a group of other UrbEx photographers, some of us know each other and have for years, some are meeting for the first time on location, but everybody wants that money shot - we all know what it’s going to be."

Mossa says the sessions can preserve a building’s history since they often precede a property’s destruction.

"Most of the proceeds from these workshops go often times toward the rehabilitation, the renovation projects being sustained for these old buildings- not all of them - some are one and done - we go in, we get what we can, and we hear within months that those structures have been torn down."

Mossa notes the travel necessary for the photography sessions has been rewarding.

"So it’s not one day or one thing. I’ve been cross-country, solo, twice, and, both times, creatively, and in every possible way, that changed me."

Coastal Camera Club welcomes Carol Mossa for her talk Beauty Among the Ruins - UrbEx Photography Wednesday night ay 6:30pm. It is free and open to the public.

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