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Opera Delaware keeps the music moving with more mobile pop ups

samuel r wilson iii

Opera Delaware’s Pop-Up Mobile Stage launched during the pandemic with pocket performances in parking lots, growing into its current status using a trailer to offer programs in parks and schools.

KeriAnn Otano, Opera Delaware’s Vice President of Engagement, explains how the Pop-Up Opera Mobile Stage works.

"We bring our portable opera stage out to the community. We bring our incredible artists who I will tell you sing all over the world. We bring them out to the community on this adorable fire-engine red portable opera stage and we give people just a taste of what opera singers can do."

Opera Delaware

Otano adds "We incorporate with it this kind of festival atmosphere where there’s a prize wheel, there’s trivia, there’s game-play, there’s a T-shirt cannon. The idea is that we love opera so much - we don’t love it because it’s fancy - we love it because it’s creative and it’s fun and it’s a chance to be with our community and make art and tell stories."

Opera Delaware Pop-Up Mobile Stage has events scheduled in Wilmington in August, September and October It can also be booked for private events at

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