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Arts Playlist: Mediums come together

The Philadelphia-area artist collective, Assemblage, has worked in various styles for nearly 30 years. The all-female group has a new exhibit at the Delaware Art Museum that includes paintings, prints, drawings and three-dimensional pieces.

In our latest Arts Playlist, our Mark Arehart spoke with Assemblage founder Rosalind Bloom about how the group got its start and what people can expect in the new show.

The group's work doesn’t expressly deal with women’s issues, Bloom said, but as female artists they deal with those issues everyday. "Women artists are gaining more and more recognition. There’s still not equality in who gets shown even in museums." 

She said there's a pay gap for female artists and women often have to take a step back with family life.

The Philadelphia-area art collective started in the mid-80s when Bloom started out as an abstract painter.

She said over the years she has evolved as an artist, but her artwork has come full-circle.

"I have been triaging some of my work and cutting up those abstract paintings and using the shapes I find there in new work."

Credit Courtesy of the artist
"Birdsong" by Rosalind Bloom

The exhibit is mixture of media that Bloom said can be tricky to hang just right.

"But it’s always worked. We’ve been so excited about the shows once they’re up. And we’re thrilled to be showing in Delaware at the museum."

The Assemblage show is on display at the Delaware Art Museum through September 3.

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