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Winterthur expands garden tour

Winterthur museum

Winterthur Museum sits on a massive 1,000 acre landscape in Wilmington. A new tour that takes people out of the museum and into the gardens.


It’s called the Scenic Route. Assistant Curator of Garden Education Eileen Scheck said it gives people access to sections of the museum’s garden that aren’t often seen.


“We pass by some of the worker’s homes who lived here when it was a country estate. So that’s a nice little slice of life that people get to enjoy, too,” Sheck said.

In addition to the creeks, meadows and woodlands, Scheck said visitors can often get a look at the garden’s more permanent residents.

“The other day we saw an amazing red tail hawk. We see lots of deer here," she said.


The Scenic Route expands the traditional garden tour from 45 acres to 60 acres.

Visitors are shuttled around on a 24-passenger tram through what was once a du Pont estate.

The tour started this summer and lasts until October.


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