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New Castle Co. puts the spotlight on young writers

Some of Delaware’s youngest writers and artists are getting the chance to show off their work and even sign copies of their books.

The Young Writers Workshop Book Tour is sponsored by New Castle County and features 91 writers and illustrators between 5 and 13 years old.


Sophia Hanson, with the Department of Community Services for New Castle County, says the kids split into teams.  Each team worked together to write, edit and illustrate their publications.

“Three or four kids are actually working on that art and you’re picking the best. So it’s really pushing the kids to be creative so their artwork will be selected for the book,” said Hansen.


The final products were elaborate stories on everything from dragons, to photo-bombing time travelers to a magic pen.

“Anyone who’s seen them, they think that these are children's books that we ordered for our library. No these are books that the kids wrote. They don’t look like anything you would expect from children,” said Hanson.

Hanson adds one the team from Rose Hill Community Center placed in the top 25 in the national Scholastic Competition for their book on Dr.Velma Scantlebury--the nation’s first female African-American transplant surgeon.


The event is Monday night at Bear Library in the Governor’s Square Shopping Center.