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Sportsmen Caucus works to save deer meat program for the hungry

State lawmakers in the Sportsmen Caucus are trying to save a program that feeds low-income families.

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This week on "The Green"

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Is your living shoreline working? Framework offers new tool for monitoring coastal defense

As rising seas raise more urgent questions about how to defend Delaware’s low-lying shore, environmentalists and state authorities are renewing their advocacy for “living shorelines” as a way of cushioning the impact of higher waters on coastal property and the natural environment.

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The federal government is sending more than $8 million to the First State to help people experiencing homelessness.


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The future of Delaware’s Autism Program for children is unclear with legal fight brewing over who will operate it.

Education issues are likely to garnet a fair amount of attention from state lawmakers this year.

And one of the people shaping the legislature’s education agenda is  State Rep. Earl Jaques.

House Education Committee Chairman is passionate about ed. policy and has a long list of priorities – including some more controversial proposals revolving around how to address low-performing schools and the referendum process for school funding.

The Glasgow area Democrat recently sat down with Delaware Public Media’s Sarah Mueller to outline what he’d like to accomplish.

The deadline to file as a candidate for mayor of Newark was Monday.

There are now five candidates running to replace Newark's current mayor, Polly Sierer, who announced last month she would not seek a third term.

Previously on the Green, we interviewed one of the candidates - 21 year old UD student Kasai Guthrie.

This week,  Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt talks with two more: Catherine Ciferni and Jerry Clifton.

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The University of Delaware’s Master Players Concert Series Ensemble-in-Residence, 6-WIRE, takes the stage later this month in New York City.


And when it plays its sold-out show at Carnegie Hall, the ensemble will be wearing some very special performance attire, thanks to a UD professor and her students.



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The 2019 Academy Awards will be handed out later this month.  The Oscars are an annual reminder of just how big a part movies play in our nation’s cultural life.

But the way we experience movies today is far different that it used to be – a fact driven home by a new book entitled “ Historic Movie Theaters of Delaware.”

It’s author, Micheal Nazarewycz, digs deep into the history of the places we’ve watched films in the First State and chronicles the changes they gone through over the years.

And in this week’s Enlighten Me, he joins Delaware Public Media's Tom Byrne to discuss it.

Traffic safety advocates are praising the City of Wilmington’s move to add red light cameras at some of its more dangerous intersections.

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The Joint Finance Committee heard the state Department of Education’s budget recommendations Thursday.

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Delaware State University Art Center and Gallery is set to showcase the Delaware state employee art exhibition later this month.

The Wilmington Public Library got a visit from a renowned artist and children’s book author and illustrator Thursday.