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Delaware’s last remaining coal plant could operate longer than expected due to reliability concerns

Delaware’s last remaining coal-fired power plant planned to shut down next spring, but new developments put that timeline into question.

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Delaware General Assembly

House Ethics Committee dismisses complaint against State Rep. Brady

The House Ethics Committee dismisses an ethics complaint filed against State Rep. Gerald Brady (D-Northwest Wilmington)

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“I just see miracles all the time,” Dagsboro psychotherapist Lee Dogoloff says about his work with drug offenders in rehabilitation. “Not everybody makes it, but more make it than don’t make it.”

Efforts to revise drug laws can crash on the rocks of party politics and passionate views about how to deal with drug offenders. Proposals to provide alternative sentencing meet criticisms of coddling addicts or being soft on crime.

So in an election year, with political eddies around every corner, how did consensus coalesce around a bill to roll back mandatory minimum drug sentencing in Delaware?