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Delaware students call out schools on racism, bias through anonymous Instagram accounts

Delaware students have joined a nationwide trend of anonymously sharing their experiences of racism and bias at school on social media.

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A row of fountain fireworks on a table at a stand in a Safeway parking lot.
Roman Battaglia / Delaware Public Media

Increase in home fireworks use anticipated as public displays are canceled

More people are expected to celebrate this 4th of July at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether that’s good news or bad depends on who you talk to.

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DELAWARE IN FACT: Table games numbers

Aug 2, 2010

The advent of table games betting in Delaware means the state and its three racinos now offer the widest array of gambling options to customers possible, but will the addition of table games to slots and NFL sports betting generate enough revenue to help Delaware—which gets a sizable cut—and the racinos?

Gambling expansion: early results

Jul 30, 2010

After the first full month of table games at all three Delaware gambling venues, the Department of Finance released numbers showing that July's revenues lagged behind projections.

The state forecast that it would receive $29 million in table games revenue this fiscal year—an average of about $558,000 per week. In July, the state received roughly $1.7 million from table games, or $426,000 per week.

“It's definitely too early to start making judgments," said deputy lottery director Vernon Kirk. "There's just not enough raw data."

What do a former freelance wrestler, a real estate investor, a public relations specialist, and a chiropractic office manager have in common?

They are some of people who serve or hope to serve as Delaware legislators.

In Delaware the decision to run for legislative office, a part-time job with a part-time salary of $41,680, can require soul-searching and financial planning. Many legislators hold down other jobs while serving in Dover.

Recycling wastewater for irrigation

Jul 16, 2010

Recent rain was a welcome sight for Delaware farmers, but Larry Jester isn’t just looking to the skies for help. He's benefitting from a pilot program this summer that recycles Middletown’s wastewater to irrigate crops. Jester says the new water source makes a huge difference.

“It could help save a crop. It could definitely help save a crop,” said Jester.

The deadline to file as a candidate for public office in the 2010 Delaware election passed Tuesday.  While political parties can still nominate candidates for office until September 1, the list of who’s running for what is now largely complete. DELAWARE IN FACT has the lineup of candidates running to represent you.

Delaware 2010 Statewide Elections - Candidates

Party perspectives on Election 2010

Jul 15, 2010

The slate of candidates running for office in 2010 is mostly complete now that Delaware's candidate filing deadline has passed.  DFM News sat down with Delaware Democratic Party Chair John Daniello and the Executive Director of the Delaware Republican Party, Seth Wimer, to get their thoughts on topics such as recruiting 2010 candidates, anti-incumbent sentiment, and how the high-profile U.S. congressional races might affect the rest of the ticket. Click here to watch video excerpts. 

Candidates line up to run

Jul 15, 2010

Veteran lawmakers and political hopefuls have thrown their hats into the ring for Delaware's 2010 election, looking to have a hand in steering the state over the next few years.

Bridging gaps in community service funding

Jul 14, 2010

The effort to cut municipal budgets without compromising critical public services has taken a toll on programs that support communities' quality of life: library services, job training, help for the elderly and for children. One volunteer group, New Castle County Pride, has formed several private/public-sector partnerships to help plug the gaps in government services. The group has raised more than $100,000 in contributions and grants to fund several new local initiatives.

Closure through a closed loophole

Jul 14, 2010

LEWES—A new Delaware law will allow alleged survivors of sexual abuse from a health care provider more time to file civil cases against accused offenders.

On Tuesday, Governor Jack Markell signed into law House Bill 326, calling it a clear signal that state government "stands squarely with the victims" in these cases.