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Salesianum receives major donation to replace Baynard Stadium

Salesianum’s plans to remake Wilmington’s Baynard Stadium are getting a major financial boost. The school is getting a $16 million gift from the Rocco A. & Mary Abessinio Foundation in part to tear down 96-year old facility and replace it with Abessinio Stadium.

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Residents seek community benefits agreement with slag grinding company

Some residents near a proposed slag grinding facility have taken a hard line against it. Others are hoping to work with the company planning to build it.

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Bridging gaps in community service funding

Jul 14, 2010

The effort to cut municipal budgets without compromising critical public services has taken a toll on programs that support communities' quality of life: library services, job training, help for the elderly and for children. One volunteer group, New Castle County Pride, has formed several private/public-sector partnerships to help plug the gaps in government services. The group has raised more than $100,000 in contributions and grants to fund several new local initiatives.

Closure through a closed loophole

Jul 14, 2010

LEWES—A new Delaware law will allow alleged survivors of sexual abuse from a health care provider more time to file civil cases against accused offenders.

On Tuesday, Governor Jack Markell signed into law House Bill 326, calling it a clear signal that state government "stands squarely with the victims" in these cases.

No summer vacation for Senator Kaufman

Jul 13, 2010

For a small-state junior U.S. senator who was a lame duck from the moment he took office, Delaware's Ted Kaufman (D) is wielding influence in ways many congressional veterans only could hope for.

As a state agriculture expert—and as a third-generation Delaware farmer—Donald Clifton grapples with the issue of irrigation.

Clifton, Delaware Executive Director of the USDA’s Farm Service Agency,  grows corn on his 1,000-acre farm in Milton. He has irrigated one quarter of his land and allows nature to water the rest of it.

Each year Clifton does a cost-benefit analysis to decide whether to expand his irrigation system. So far he has held off.


Jul 9, 2010

How dry is Delaware? How does Delaware stack up against the rest of the country and historically? DELAWARE IN FACT provides the numbers.

Current condition:

  • Kent County and Sussex County are in a "moderate drought"


  • Kent and Sussex County crops are “excessively dry"

Rain needed to end current soil-moisture drought:

  • Northern Delaware: 4.81 inches
  • Southern Delaware: 7.83 inches

Defining drought is difficult

Jul 9, 2010

As farmers struggle with drought conditions and Delaware policymakers struggle with how to support the state's agriculture economy, a key problem is how to define "drought."

DFM News talked with Professor Dan Leathers, deputy dean of the University of Delaware's College of Earth Ocean & Environment, who says the task is more difficult than you might think. 

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GEORGETOWN—A summer drought and this week's blistering heat wave has wrung the water from Delaware's sandy southern farmland. And the crippling weather has hit at the exact time when farmers—especially those who rely on Mother Nature to irrigate their crops—need water the most.

Corn needs the most water during the tassel to early-milk stage, according to Cory Whaley, a Sussex County agriculture agent with the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, based in Georgetown.

Cathcart: "No regrets" leaving

Jul 8, 2010

House Minority Leader Richard Cathcart stunned many local political observers this week by announcing that he is retiring from the General Assembly after nearly two decades of service. The Republican lawmaker will not seek reelection as the representative from the House 9th District (Middletown).

Cathcart says the pressures and stress of holding the seat in the the General Assembly and his full-time job as associate vice president of university operations at Delaware State University led to his decision.

Interview: Retiring State House leader

Jul 8, 2010

House Minority Leader Richard Cathcart announced this week he's retiring from the General Assembly. He called it one of most difficult decisions he's ever had to make, but adds he leaves with no regrets.  The Middletown Republican sat down with DFM News to discuss his decision and reflect on the state of the General Assembly and the future of the Delaware GOP.

A full-time workload in a part-time legislature

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Erosion of "The Delaware Way"

When legislators banned texting and the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, they also passed—and Governor Jack Markell signed into law—two bills carving out important exemptions.

Here are the rules of the road for cell phone use starting January 2, 2011.

What you can’t do:

  • text while driving or use hand-held call phones
  • use pagers, PDAs, laptops, games, portable computers, or two-way communication devices while driving