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Reusing chairs, bricks, even lab equipment by building a circular economy

Part 2 of the TED Radio Hour episode Abandoned Places.

Waste is built into our economy. Garry Cooper created a large-scale resource-sharing system to keep furniture, medical equipment and more out of landfills and into the hands of people who need them.

About Garry Cooper

Garry Cooper is an American entrepreneur, scientist, and business leader. He currently serves as the CEO of Rheaply, an enterprise asset management company for the circular economy, which he co-founded in 2015. Cooper earned a PhD in neuroscience from Northwestern University where he focused on finding new treatments for Parkinson's disease. Cooper is on the board of two tech innovation hubs, P33 Chicago and 1871, and is a founding partner and investment team member at LongJump Ventures, a venture capital firm dedicated to funding underrepresented founders.

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