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Father-Daughter Podcast: 'You Must Know Everything'


As soon as he learned that he would become a father, Jeremy Smith thought he knew what to do.

JEREMY SMITH: I immediately had all the things I knew this kid needed to know, even though I didn't know this kid. She's got to learn how to drive this way. She's got to learn how to date this way. She needs my pizza dough recipe.

INSKEEP: A decade later, Mr. Smith admits he has lots to learn from his daughter, Rasa.

RASA: I could teach him things, too, that he didn't know, or he'd already forgotten.


So last March, when Rasa started remote learning from home, the two of them created a podcast called "You Must Know Everything."


SMITH: While sheltering at home this past spring, we began to share everything the other needed to know to get through life.

RASA: How to leave a note...

SMITH: The secret to perfect scrambled eggs...

RASA: ...Climbing...

SMITH: ...Memorizing...

RASA: ...Crafts...

SMITH: ...Pizza...

RASA: ...Because you must know everything, too.

SMITH: She was old enough for me to share all those things I'd been building up over time, and then we could record it, and other people could be in the room for those special daddy-daughter conversations.

KING: For almost a year, they've released two episodes a week. They start every show with one teaching the other something new.

RASA: Then we read and discuss a poem and answer a vexing question that one of us has for the other or a vexing question that listeners send in.

INSKEEP: Vexing questions - so far, they've released more than 80 episodes, and both say they've learned.

RASA: I really enjoyed teaching dad how to make slime because there was no way he would make slime if it wasn't for the podcast. He did not like slime at all. It may not have helped that it accidentally got squashed onto a chair, and we had to buy a new one. But then we made it, and it was really fun.

INSKEEP: Soon, Rasa will go back to school for more conventional in-person learning, so she and Jeremy will only have time to produce one episode per week.

KING: And their longer-term plans are up in the air.

RASA: It's kind of hard to know anything these days, but I'm really enjoying doing the podcast, and I hope that we'll do it as long as possible.

SMITH: Our joke is that we're going to do the podcast until life gets back to normal or until we know everything - whichever comes first. At this pace, we might know everything first.

KING: Jeremy Smith and his daughter, Rasa - their podcast is called "You Must Know Everything." Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.