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Delaware recognizes historic family farms

Delaware saluted four examples of its deep agricultural roots Thursday

Four families that have owned farms in the First State for at least 100 years were added to the state’s Century Farm Program.

Delaware Deputy Agriculture Secretary Austin Short says the program has honored 121 farms throughout Delaware since launching in 1987.

“I think that’s a great accomplishment for a small state like Delaware. It shows the vitality of our farming industry, and I hope when our children and grandchildren are here we’re still having century farm ceremonies years from now, because it is an 8 billion dollar industry,” said Short.

Farms in the Program must contain at least 10 acres of the farm’s original parcel or gross more than 10 thousand dollars in annual agricultural sales.

The families recognized this year are:

  • The Pepper Family (Thomas and Elizabeth Pepper), which owns two farms, from both sides of the family. The Pepper Farm is 34 acres near Milton, in the family since 1879, and the Wilson Farm is 53 acres near Georgetown, in the family since 1876. Both now produce corn and soybeans.
  • The Wilson Family (State Rep. David L. and Carolyn Wilson), which owns a 105-acre farm near Georgetown, in the family since 1907 and now producing corn and soybeans.
  • The Walls Family (Mildred Walls), which owns a 54-acre farm near Greenwood, in the family since 1911 and now in grain production.
  • The Breeding Family (Chris and Karen Breeding), which owns a 12.75-acre farm near Greenwood, in the family since 1911 and now producing beef cattle.

Three of the four family farms honored on reside in State Senator and Senate Minority Leader Gary Simpson’s Milford area district.

“I want to congratulate all of the Century Farms that are represented here today and the new honorees for keeping your family farms - family farms, and still producing agriculture products for the citizens of this state,” said Simpson.