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Toward the end of 2017, Wilmington-based pharmaceutical company Incyte announced it was starting a clinical trial for a drug it hopes could be used to treat a rare blood cancer.

Delaware Public Media science reporter Katie Peikes spoke with Incyte’s  Group Vice President of Oncology Targeted Therapeutics Peter Langmuir about the status of the trial and how the drug could revolutionize treatment.

Incyte announced Wednesday it has started a clinical trial to treat people with a rare blood cancer, using a drug they bought the rights to develop in 2016. 



Former founders of Wilmington-based biotech company Incyte have filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to start a new company in Newark.


The company will be called Prelude Therapeutics Inc and will specialize in developing new medicines that can treat cancer and rare diseases by targeting chromatin function.


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With some patients who receive a bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia or other types of blood cancers, a rare condition called graft-versus-host disease might develop. That’s when the donor cells attack healthy organs in the host’s body.

Right now, there is no approved treatment for graft-versus-host disease, but a Delaware biotech company is looking to change that.

Pharmaceutical corporation Incyte will be expanding its base in Delaware.


New Castle County Council approved Incyte’s plan to build office space that can accommodate 450 employees -- potentially doubling the number of employees they already have in the county.