Delaware Public Media

UD Center for Political Communication podcast focuses on midterm election

Mar 9, 2018

Delaware Public Media is getting ready for this year's midterm elections, and as part of its coverage is again partnering with the University of Delaware Center for Political Communication on Delaware Debates this October.  The debates will feature Delaware candidates for U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Leading up to those debates, DPM is partnering with the Center for Political Communication on a podcast series.  It's connected to the Center for Political Communication's upcoming National Agenda series, Midterm Matters, that will delve into voter and civic engagement in midterm elections, campaign strategy, news coverage, and polling this fall.

The first episode of the MIDTERM MATTERS podcast was recorded this week on the UD campus in Newark with the Center for Political Communication Associate Director and National Agenda series director Dr. Lindsay Hoffman, along with Dr. David Redlawsk, chair of the UD Department of Political Science and International Relations.

And on this week's edition of The Green, we offered a sneak peek at that podcast with the portion focused on local midterm election issues.