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DSU hosts 2018 Delaware STEM Symposium & Awards Gala

Apr 30, 2018

Delaware State University hosts the 2018 Delaware STEM Symposium and Awards Gala this week.


The 4th Annual STEM Symposium and Educator Awards Gala is Wednesday, May 2 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center on DSU’s campus.

Delaware STEM Council executive director Daniel Suchenski says the event provides an opportunity to connect the community with STEM educators and advocates.


"It’s really bringing together everyone from K-12, the Department of Education, teachers, students, parents, the business community, for-profits, nonprofits, the entire sort of spectrum that’s involved in this work who oftentimes don’t have as many opportunities as many might assume to collaborate on things and provide a forum for those discussions,” Suchenski said.


Suchenski adds it also offers a chance to highlight the importance of STEM.



“So many studies come out regularly about the need for more STEM professionals. There are many unfilled position all across the country, including Delaware, that are unfilled in a lot of STEM backgrounds. It’s important to note that a lot of that does not come from exclusively sort of four-year and sort of Doctoral level studies,” said Suchenski.

Suchenski says sessions at this year’s event include:  The Role of STEM in Food and Agriculture in Delaware; The Future of STEM and Healthcare in Delaware and Delaware STEM and Information Technology.

The event also recognizes K-12 STEM teachers throughout the state who find innovative ways to teach STEM.