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DNREC seeks to teach residents about benefits of rain barrels

Apr 8, 2018

DNREC’s Conservation Programs Section will be hosting a rain barrel-building workshop this weekend in Sussex County as part of the Reclaim Our River Program.


DNREC says rain barrels help reduce water pollution by collecting stormwater runoff from homes before it reaches local streams and rivers.

That’s why the Division of Watershed Stewardship will host a rain-barrel building workshop in conjunction with the Reclaim Our River program - to help residents help the environment.

Phil Miller is a marketing specialist with the division.

“Rain barrels, if anyone’s not familiar with them, they come in all different styles. But it’s basically just an easy way to collect and store water from your rooftop when it rains. We like them because it really helps improve water quality and it helps save you a lot of money as well,” said Miller.


He also says rain barrels play an important role in reducing water pollution by collecting stormwater runoff from residential homes before it reaches local streams and rivers.

“So we offer these free workshops where we provide kits and 55-gallon plastic drums. We do a little presentation where we explain the problems we face in Delaware with stormwater runoff and how rain barrels can help benefit our waterways,” Miller said.

Miller says participants will learn about the benefits of rain barrels and how to assemble and maintain them.

Participants will receive free rain barrel conversion kits, including a 55-gallon plastic drum to take home as a ready-made rain barrel.

Pre-registration is required for the April 14th workshop at 20 W. 4th St. in Blades.