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Div. of Public Health seeks comment on statewide health assessment

Jul 8, 2018

Delaware’s Division of Public Health is seeking input on a draft version of an assessment of public health in the First State.

The Statewide Health Assessment examines the health of Delaware’s population and seeks to determine the state’s health needs and assets.

The Division of Public Health has been gathering data to identify local and statewide trends and prioritize strategies since 2016.

DPH associate deputy director Cassandra Codes-Johnson says there were four top-level priority areas of focus.

“Chronic disease, specifically heart disease, diabetes and asthma. Maternal and child health, specifically teen pregnancy, premature births and low birth weight. The third area was substance use and misuse, specifically talking about the opioid epidemic, accidental overdoses and smoking and the rise of e-cigarette use,” Codes-Johnson said.

Codes-Johnson says the fourth area of focus was mental health - specifically mental health diagnoses, especially in youth - suicide and/or suicidal ideations and impact of trauma.

She says DPH would like to hear what residents have to say about the assessment and the state’s priorities.


Comments can be submitted through July 31st.


“What we really hope our statewide health assessment does is help bring the community and the medical community together to really look at ways to work together to develop high-impact strategies to really see movement in these areas in a positive direction,” said Codes-Johnson.


You can view the plan here.